Selling a Home in Bourne, MA

Selling a Home in Bourne, MA

You’ve had plenty of good times in your Bourne home and are eager to move on to the next exciting chapter of your life. As you decide on your next home and location, one of the first things you should do is consider how to sell your current home. The selling process can be complex, especially if you are not an experienced home seller or real estate professional. Let’s review the most critical aspects of selling your Bourne home so you can feel well-prepared from beginning to end.

Getting ready to sell

Find a great real estate agent

The best way to make selling a home much easier for you and your loved ones is to find a real estate agent who understands the area and is willing to pay close attention to your needs and requirements. Using a real estate agent to list your home is standard, with 86% of sellers opting to go this route over listing the house themselves. Ultimately, a real estate agent is a knowledgeable guide for all things home-related. They can offer advice on which repairs are essential or unnecessary, link you with a staging crew and contractors to spruce up your home, and serve as expert negotiators when it comes time to review offers for your home.

Selling a home can be physically and emotionally taxing. Having a real estate agent at your side to take this burden off your shoulders allows you to focus on what is really important to you. It also frees up some time for you to genuinely enjoy selling your home and prepare yourself for your new life ahead of you.

Clean and declutter the home

Not only is cleaning a great way to identify which items you’d like to take to your new home, but it is essential to ensure your staging and renovation teams have a clear and stable foundation to work with. Hire a professional cleaning service to thoroughly clean every part of your home, especially the rooms that people tend to gravitate toward during open houses and showings, like the kitchen and main bathrooms. Any items not recycled, donated, or thrown away should be packed and taken to your new residence or temporary storage unit.

Identify necessary repairs and make upgrades

Anyone obsessed with home improvement television may think a total bathroom remodel and adding a flashy main suite may increase your home value a ton. In reality, some upgrades are unnecessary and may yield an unsatisfactory ROI. Cabinetry, flooring, and interior/exterior paint are great places to make improvements. In fact, remodeling the floors in your home can yield a 147% cost recovery, one of the highest out of all potential remodeling jobs.

Perform independent market research

One of the first things your real estate agent will do is compute an analysis of your home’s value. They will examine homes similar to yours in your neighborhood that have recently been sold. Known as a comparative market analysis (CMA), this estimate accounts for what home improvements you can make to increase your home’s resale value.

Stage the home

Staging your home is a profitable tactic to encourage potential buyers to engage with the space. A professional staging team understands how to make each room palatable to all interested parties. A well-staged home can help a house sell for 7.1% over the listing price on average.

Though you may be tempted to leave a few pictures up or keep your favorite couch in the home until the last minute, removing all personal items is the best thing you can do to increase the likelihood of a sale. Potential buyers want to envision a life for themselves in your home, and it is not easy to do when there are stark reminders of another person’s life. Give buyers a chance to see your house for what it truly is instead of somewhere they can identify as your space.

Selling your home

List your home on the market

Once you’ve sorted through the staging process and have had gorgeous professional photos taken of the space, your agent will list the home on Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and other home-selling platforms. Connecting with other brokers and buyers digitally gives your home a chance to be explored by a wider pool of people outside your community, increasing the likelihood of a great sale.

Hold an open house and showings

As the inquiries start coming in, you will then schedule a time for an open house with your real estate agent. As the seller, you can be present, but your attendance is unnecessary since you have a worthy professional at your disposal. Your agent will conduct the open house and provide private showings to interested buyers who request them. These moments are crucial, as buyers want to develop a relationship with the home and want to feel like this space was meant for them.

Review buyer offers

While showing the home, you will likely receive offers rather quickly. Do not feel pressured to take the first offer that comes your way. As long as you have an excellent real estate agent who can gather plenty of interest, you shouldn’t worry about finding the perfect buyer.

It is always necessary to negotiate any offers you receive for your home and review them carefully. These negotiations involve contingencies, buyer qualifications, and the offer amount. Once you field the best offer, escrow proceedings can begin (should the buyer mortgage the home), and the deal can come to a close in a matter of weeks.

Put your home in capable hands

Selling your home can conjure up some emotions and concerns that are tough to navigate. A straightforward way to alleviate your stress is to work with a Bourne real estate agent who is passionate about the industry and understands how to connect the right buyer to your home. The O'Neill Group has years of valuable experience selling homes in Bourne, MA, and truly understands how important it is to make sellers comfortable throughout the process.

With The O'Neill Group, you’ll have a helping hand every step of the way and a point of reassurance whenever you need it. Call The O'Neill Group to initiate a hassle-free, memorable home-selling experience!

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